Tickled pink.

I’ve been neglecting my duties as a wedding blogger.  Matt and I finished one of our projects on the list this weekend — we made about 4.5 gallons of roasted apple butter and canned it.  Guess what you’re getting for Christmas?

I’m also working on making my first quilt.  It’s just a block quilt, made for a friend’s baby.  She’s due in December, and is naming her baby girl Cora.  She’s been getting a glut of green baby things and asked for something pink.  Pink has never been my favorite color — in fact, I usually hate it openly — but I picked out a lovely print with hot pink in it to base the quilt design on.  It’s also got two shades of gray, orange and an oxblood red in it, so those are the colors of the other blocks.  The back is a supersoft hot-pink plush, and I’ll be binding the edges with gray satin.  Instead of fully quilting it, I’m just making ties at the block corners.  Instead of the traditional yarn, I’m using gray ribbon with white polka dots.  Cora will be the most fashionable little girl in Olympia.  I’ll post it after I give it to her mama, Andrea.

But all this playing with pink has had another effect on me — I’ve come to like it!  I still can’t really abide by pastel pink, but the hot pink is really growing on me.  I’ve already got my colors picked out (which reminds me, I’ve gotta post those when I have the chance!), so the pink I post here will likely not make it into the wedding.  Still, I wanted to honor my former least favorite color with some wedding inspiration boards from Snippet & Ink:

Strawberry Plaid

Raspberry and Indigo

Hot Pink and Gold

Pink and Fig

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One Response to Tickled pink.

  1. Mary says:

    I love pink. Not in large doses, mind you, but for contrast. I’m glad you’re coming around.

    Really, no color should be neglected. They’re all beautiful, in the right combination. Don’t you agree?

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