Because we’ve been so very very busy lately (Matt was sick last week, it was my birthday, and we were reupholstering our sofa — still in progress and waiting for decorative nails to arrive from Mississippi), there hasn’t been a whole lot of wedding planning going on.  I knew that because we set our date so far in advance, a lot of these early pre-wedding months would have us planning in fits and starts.  We’ve got a lot of other projects in the works keeping us busy:

  • I’m finally finishing my MA thesis!  Woohoo!
  • We’re refinishing and modifying  a 1930’s waterfall sideboard to be our new entertainment center.
  • We’re making and canning apple butter, pumpkin butter, pumpkin pasta sauce, and other yummy fall foods.
  • We’re making concord grape sorbet and golden bell pepper sorbet, because they’re the best fall flavor combinations ever.
  • We’re planning to move to a larger house in the spring, but we’ve gotta completely go through our basement and office and studio first.  This will likely involve many donation trips to the Goodwill.
  • My little sister, Audrey, might be moving in with us after she graduates high school in June
  • We’re buying a new bed, and are planning to paint it!
  • We’re completely revamping my grandmother’s 1953 Scandinavian modern dining set — including re-staining the wood, removing the old laminate and replacing it with new, and reupholstering the chairs!

So yeah….if I’m not posting much here, it’s because we’ve got a ton of stuff to do.

Something we have been thinking about lately is our wedding registry.  We’re a modern couple, not expecting to get a million things from people.  It’s just not necessary.  Registries have kinda gone the way of the trousseau or hope chest, really.  It’s not like a dowry of Le Creuset cookware will help seal the deal for us.  We’ve also been living together for almost 2 years now.  We’ve already got most of what we need! We have our own particular style but we like to keep things simple, and don’t need both formal dishes and everyday dishes.  I will not be registering for guest towels, and when will we ever use a punchbowl?  Actually, we needed one this weekend, so it’ll go on the list.

That said, it would be really great to register for things that we would love to have, but don’t find practical at this moment.  I’m also feeling a bit overwhelmed by the responsibility to choose precisely which model of toaster oven we want, too.  I don’t really care which one I get.  If someone can find one that will do the job, great! It doesn’t have to be the one at Williams-Sonoma, or Sur La Table.  When registering for gifts, I can’t help feeling guilty that we’re expecting people to buy new things from expensive stores.  Really, when it comes down to it, the gift can be something nice and utilitarian that someone finds on sale somewhere, or even a vintage piece that just screams our style.

So….how does this work?  Will people be weirded out if we register at 5 different places, thinking that we’re just getting married for the loot?  Or if I post a list of things we’d like, but don’t care about the particulars, will people be annoyed?  Sigh!  Oh well.  This is the short list of what I would love to see in silver wrapping paper:

  • a toaster oven
  • a small deep fryer
  • a KitchenAid artisan mixer
  • an enameled cast iron dutch oven
  • a punchbowl

Any suggestions?


About Ginger

Hello! My name is Ginger. I'm 27 and I live in Seattle with my fiancée Matt and his cat, Arthur. Find me in my kitchen, trying to incorporate pine nuts into more recipes, at Pacific Fabrics - drooling over prints in the home dec department, walking home through Woodland Park Zoo, or sipping aquavit in Ballard. Check out my food blog at
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6 Responses to Registration

  1. Ingrid says:

    That’s the bed I want! They had it in a couple of seasons ago in yellow…

    Also, instead of registering, you could set up a paypal account that people just donate money to that you could use for the things you want. And if there are things you don’t mind multiple of, you could just send out a list – like vintage table cloths don’t take up too much room, and it’s nice to have several.

    can’t wait to see all your projects!

    • bellecoeurwedding says:

      I remember it in yellow! I’m not sure what color we’re going to paint it, if we do. I sold Matt on it by telling him that in the winter, we can hang thick drapes from the top rails and create a little micro climate inside the bed to save on heating.

      That’s a good idea about the list and the PayPal. Unfortunately I know a lot of my relatives feel weird about that kind of thing — an object you can buy on sale and it’ll still be worth the original price, but a gift card or a check is a blatant display of what they’re willing to pay to celebrate you.

      I dunno if that’s really what they think or if that’s what I’m projecting on them.

      I wish I weren’t so hard to shop for. I’m just picky.

  2. Ingrid says:

    Anonymous cash jar at the wedding? 🙂

  3. Mary says:

    You gotta register, Ginj. Otherwise, to paraphrase my husband, you’ll end up with five toasters–vintage and charming toasters, I’m sure, but still. Who needs five toasters?

    I suggest registering on and including third party sellers on your list. SUUUUUPER easy. Or, register at five stores and mix up which registry you list on the invitations. Got a rich uncle? Send him the Williams Sonoma registry card. Starving artist (or museology grads)? Maybe Target. Get the idea?

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