Nothing to do with anything….

This has nothing to do with the wedding, but have you seen this dress yet????  I dunno about the black tips on her hair (no, it’s not just a short bob!) but the lace on this Alexander McQueen dress is nuts.


I die.

I die.


And this?  




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4 Responses to Nothing to do with anything….

  1. Ingrid says:

    That is some of the most amazing lace I have ever seen. Period.

  2. bellecoeurwedding says:

    I know, right? It’s so amazing I didn’t care that Drew looks like she’s trying to have the childhood she drank or snorted away!

  3. Mary says:

    Oh man, that lace is inCREDible! I love it. I want it! IT MUST BE MINE!!!

    But then I’d have to clean it. Or at least pay for it to be cleaned. Not to mention paying for it in the first place. Ew.

    Still. Love it.

  4. bellecoeurwedding says:

    Yep. Alexander McQueen makes the clothes I would wear if I lived in a storybook. Have you seen his S/S 2010 collection yet?

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