With tweaks…

I wondered what another pleat on the bodice would look like:


Slightly longer

Slightly longer



I think I like it better with a longer bodice, but I understand that it was a first sketch and wasn’t 100% indicative of what my measurements are.  It was just fun to play with it.

A couple of other questions I answered for myself:

What if I had a shorter skirt for the reception?  What would it look like in navy or in stripes?


How about a navy skirt for dancing?

How about a navy skirt for dancing?




Reminds me a little of the circus, in a good way!

Reminds me a little of the circus, in a good way!


Well, we’ve got time to play.  I love how Ingrid’s design lends itself to a lot of variation.  This process is going to be fun!


About Ginger

Hello! My name is Ginger. I'm 27 and I live in Seattle with my fiancée Matt and his cat, Arthur. Find me in my kitchen, trying to incorporate pine nuts into more recipes, at Pacific Fabrics - drooling over prints in the home dec department, walking home through Woodland Park Zoo, or sipping aquavit in Ballard. Check out my food blog at ginbelle.worpress.com
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3 Responses to With tweaks…

  1. Ingrid says:

    A) you crack me up

    B) I do like the longer bodice – the bodice length will be determined by wherever the most flattering part for it to end on YOU is. This can only really be determined in person.

    C) As things get closer and we start construction, I think you should buy a dress form that I can use for this, then you can use forever after.


    This is the one I just bought for myself. I had to do major surgery on it and should have ordered the size smaller, but I think that with my new found knowledge of how they work, I could get one of them to mirror you pretty exactly.

    D) As for the 2nd underskirt idea, I also like that. I’m not so much into the circus one, more the solid navy, but I will make you whatever you want me to.

    • bellecoeurwedding says:

      Matt and I were discussing it a bit, and we thought that the navy underskirt would be great for the reception, but perhaps we can liven it up a bit with some navy swiss dot?

      And my concern about all the pintucks might be relieved with some woven cotton stripe or seersucker…..I like textured weave cottons a lot.

      Where can we find these things? Do we need to take a trip to Portland and go fabric shopping???

  2. bellecoeurwedding says:

    A) That’s what I’m here for.
    B) That’s kinda what I thought. I was psyching myself out that I had that short of a waist though.
    C) Great idea! I will do that, but I’m really not looking to start construction until next spring/summer. Hopefully I will have finished my major medical treatment (whatever it may be at that point) and be able to have a more accurate size.
    D) The stripey skirt is a bit too circusy for me, but maybe we can find some navy fabric that will be a little more interesting, like Swiss dot.
    E) This is fun!

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