The first draft…

Miss Ingrid put together my inspiration photos last week and came up with a sketch for my dress.  According to Ingrid: 

  • All of the “lines” represent pin tucks or pleats or some other linear detail – it’s kind of up to you, it can be one of those or all of them, whatever you want.  
  • I imagine it being two layers – one for the underskirt, one for the bodice & over skirt.  Originally I was going to color in the underskirt navy, but then I liked the cream and white together.  I can always go back to idea #1 and make it navy.  
  • In other places, I’ve incorporated the navy at the bust detail, buttons up the arms and down the back, and at the bottom of the over skirt.  
  • The bust detail and the skirt detail are white & navy pleated together, so the navy peeks out.  Also, instead of a “square” neck, I think the trapezoid shape is better for you, it will encase your bust nicely. 
  • Another additional idea for the bust and skirt detail is that the edges be unfinished – to add a modern twist to it with a little personality.  Nothing messy, just a little deconstructed, with a navy grosgrain ribbon underneath each detail to add structure. 


Copyright Ingrid Goodwin 2009

Copyright Ingrid Goodwin 2009

FYI – I played with the sketch a little in photoshop to bring up the contrast.  I put it through a watercolor filter and really liked how it turned out.

I’m really digging the dress.  I agreed with Ing about the neckline (because, yes, my shoulders are that square!), and I love the “deconstructed details” idea.  I adore the buttons on the sleeves, and the shape of the dress is fantastic.

However, I have a couple of issues.  I’m a little concerned that it will make my already short torso look even shorter.  Perhaps it’s just the drawing, or I’m unfamiliar with the bodice cut of the period, but I look a little disproportionate.  Even one more row of pintucks would make it better.  I’m also wavering a little about so many pintucks/pleats.  I love them, and they’re my favorite fabric detail, but it’ll be hard to tell if it’s too much until I see it in fabric.  It may be reminiscent of this dress from the original inspiration post:


Too much?

Too much?

 Maybe the pintucks will be smaller?  How would the dress look with a navy skirt?  With a navy & white striped skirt?  What if I wore the long white underskirt for the ceremony, and had a shorter navy one (falling to just below the knees) for the reception?  It would make it easier to dance, and I wouldn’t have to shoot geriatric family members when they stepped on my white train.

Overall I really like where this is going, so basically I’m looking at options for small tweaks.  What do you think?

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