The main mane

Disclaimer:  My male friends will probably not want to read this post.  (Phil, I’m talking to you.)  Somehow guys just don’t get how women can talk about hair for over an hour at a time.  Sometimes it boggles the mind, but we put a lot of stock in our locks.


A bride's best accessory.

When I met my future husband, I’d just chopped off a chin-length bob to a messy cropped pixie haircut.  I’d also just gone from a strawberry blonde to deep chestnut hair dye.  Since meeting him, I’ve not cut off any real length from my hair — hormonal changes and dye touch ups cause me to have bad breakage and split ends, so I’ll get a trim every 3-6 months, and the odd bang trim.   The color has gone lighter and darker, but always a little copper or red.  Apparently red pigments are difficult to get rid of.

Now, my hair color has settled down at a medium auburn, and said hormone changes have made my hair undeniably curly if I let it air dry.  I now have armpit length hair – the longest it’s been since high school, possibly even earlier.  The changes have been interesting.   I now have options for wedding hair.  I think I’d like to do something involving braids rather than curls, and I do still like my current hair color.  It looks nice with navy, which is going to play a big part in my dress, I hope.

I just realized this weekend that if I don’t cut any length off my hair until the wedding, it’ll grow about 10-12 inches.  That’s like waist length on me. I’m not sure if that’s exciting or scary.  My hair will not have been that long since I was 11 – the time of my FIRST haircut. And that’s where it was cut to, having been halfway down my thighs.  See why I’ve had short hair since?

Anyway….here’s some examples of what I’ve been thinking:

Messy and asymmetrical

Messy and asymmetrical

I'll have to grow out my bangs for this one...

I'll have to grow out my bangs for this one...

Crown braid

Crown braid

Red braids

Picture 1Picture 2

A Gibson Girl

With a ribbon...

Helsinki Slinky

Helsinki Slinky

THE Gibson Girl

THE Gibson Girl

And how to do it:

Gibson Girl

Crown Braids

Other period hairstyles

I wonder how much longer my hair has to be to do any of these…..

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6 Responses to The main mane

  1. Jenni says:

    My mom was a hairstylist for years, so I can weigh in a little on the how-much-hair question. In olden-times, people used all of their own hair for the elaborate ‘dos. Now, though, a lot of people will use extensions or false pieces to achieve the same effect. I used a faux braid in my prom hairdo to do something similar to your crown braid (I didn’t have enough volume to devote so much hair to an ornament!), and it looked perfectly natural.

    So, if you don’t mind not going completely au naturale, you could always just keep your hair the length it is and just a little somethin’ somethin’… 🙂

  2. bellecoeurwedding says:

    Cool, I hadn’t actually thought of that! Thanks, Jenni!

  3. Erin B says:

    Love love LOVE all of what’s going on here! You’re going to look smashing! 🙂

  4. Burgundy Haze says:

    Lucky you! Red always fades from my hair faster than other colors.

    I think I like the first updo the best. It’s so messy and complicated looking.

    Good luck with the growing!

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